Destination Spas,

 How Kohler measures up to Wisconsin’s premier destination spas.

Talk about wine and dine, we just returned home from a romantic weekend getaway to Kohler, WI.  My husband booked us the “Girlfriend’s Getaway Package” and chose The Inn on Woodlake for our two-night stay.  Though this package is geared towards a spa weekend for girlfriends, it seems to have matched our needs for a couple’s trip.  After 12 years of marriage, pretending to be his girlfriend for the weekend was just fine by me.

Girlfriend’s Getaway Package at The American Club

First, we started our vacay with massages at Spa Kohler on Friday afternoon.  The suite was ready early and, accordingly, we changed into swimsuits and took the on-demand shuttle over to the American Club.  All you to do is request a ride at the front desk and they arrange a pick up for you to any of the Kohler owned properties around this little town.  It appears that Kohler owns everything, allowing you to park your car and leave it behind along with all your worries.


Our package allowed for the choice of where to stay and James booked us at the Inn.  The American Club is a 5 star, five-diamond resort.  It has solid brick exterior and warm stately interior.  Wondering through the hotel which is over 100 years old, you can gaze at the historical pictures displayed throughout the hallways.  There is a horse theme which I loved.  I have a bit of a horse theme going in my own home.  The American Club is warm with dark mahogany woods, proper libraries, and English style gardens.


The American Club vs Inn on Woodlake 

While the American Club boasts that old money rich feel, The Inn on Woodlake is modernly designed with a fresh sense of elegance.  It is located adjacent to the boutique shopping center.  A convenient location with walkable trails around the lake.  Perfect mode to reach the sports center.  There you will find multiple indoor pools, outdoor hot tub and workout classes to suit everyone’s needs.  The Inn also has an outdoor fireplace, small beach area and heated walk through sunroom.  This provides a covered walkway leading to the shopping and restaurants.

The room itself was what I would expect of a boutique style hotel room.  It was roomy enough, with a lake view.  We liked that it offered two luggage benches, a mini fridge and the welcome screen displayed my husband’s name on the flat screen TV.  Nice touch.  Hands down the feature that will wow you is the Kohler Shower.  Imagine six shower heads pelting warm water on your body from every angle.  AHHHHHHH! Additionally, they have six rooms that are dog-friendly.  Could have saved us $100 in boarding.  Nonetheless, we were happy to leave all our kids including our new fur baby behind and focus on each other.

The Spa at Kohler Review

Let’s chat about the spa.  If you follow us, you know that not only am I an expert in relaxation from my years of owning and managing a spa.  We love to travel WI and we have previously been to many destination spas in Wisconsin.  If your comparing resorts for a couple’s weekend getaway, read our 5 Romantic Weekend Getaways in WI post.

As for our experience at Kohler Spa, I didn’t realize that we were in separate rooms until the therapist called James and whisked him away.   Even so, we have had enough couple’s massages thus I didn’t need to share a treatment room with him.  Hence if that is important to you, this wouldn’t be the package to book.   Both of us thoroughly enjoyed our massages moreover the therapists were on point with their therapeutic touch.  For instance, the massages were deep enough to break up the tension though did not leave us sore.  The custom massage included the use of essentials oils, tailored pressure plus warm towels/heating beds.  Hydraulic tables also added to the ease of transitions.  As a result, minted this as a luxury treatment.

Kohler Spa Review

If I ruled the world…

  • The co-ed relaxation areas in Kohler left a little to be desired.  They have a rooftop lounge area with a large modern fireplace and whirlpool tub.  On the 1st floor, there is a small relaxation pool with individual seating on each side.  Fruit infused water and nuts and berries are available to snack on.
  • Considering the amazing innovative plumbing that Kohler offers, I expected that to be incorporated in the pretreatment. If I ruled the world, maybe they could add some of those fancy water features.   Perhaps an infinity soaking tub,  steam shower nooks, a grotto with a waterfall.  Better yet, if they could link that with the lush gardens too.  It would be incredible!!
  • Due to construction obstructing the entrance to the American Club,  we didn’t get the full panoramic view of the grand entrance. Presently they are repairing the underground parking and adding heating elements for the winter.   An expansion is underway for the spa to be complete in June of 2018.  Eventually,  the spa will include more seating around the lower level pool, café as well as indoor/outdoor co-ed seating.  Clearly, we must revisit.
  • Steam room and saunas are located in the women and men’s locker room to enjoy separately.
  • In general, competition is steep for destination spas in Wisconsin.  Sundara is completing a 40,000 feet expansion adjacent to the outdoor pool area which is already top notch.  They are currently adding an indoor/outdoor pool bar and fire feature. After all, you go to destination spas for the posh amenities.  In that arena, Sundara seems to trump Kohler.
  • Furthermore Evensong Spa with its labyrinth, eucalyptus steam rooms and lounge area positioned in front of the natural woods thus creates a more serene lounge experience for couples.


Honorable Mentions

We had a blast exploring this town, so here is our hit list for conquering Kohler in 3 days!

  • 50-minute custom massage at Kohler Spa.
  • Bloody Mary’s at the Horse and Plow.
  • Wine flight and Filet with Hook’s cheese puree potatoes at the Blind Horse Winery.
  • Walleye sandwich for lunch and wondrous view of the Blackwolf Run golf course.
  • Outdoor hot tub at the sports complex.
  • Again, On-demand shuttle.
  • Shopping at the Wisconsin Trader, Movers, and Shakers Kids Toy Store and finally, The American Club Emporium.
  • Cocktails and Live Music at The Immigrant Restaurant.
  • The wine list and Pizza at Cucina.
  • Finally, Gander around the Kohler Museum and Design Centre.



On the whole, I am usually the planner in our relationship.  As a result, I was pleased that my husband planned this weekend to a tee.  We especially love exploring quaint towns throughout Wisconsin and finding hidden gems.  Thus, this was a stellar getaway where we conquered it all.  In short, what was lacking in the spa amenities were countered by the effectiveness of our treatments.

Most of all, the customer service was excellent in every setting, likewise, all the food and drinks were delicious.  If my review was solely based on the spa Kohler it would rank lower than Aspira and Sundara.  On the other hand, the activities and dining In Kohler were better than in the dells or at Greenlake.  Equally as good as The Osthoff.   Thank you American Club!  Kohler, we shall return.