Twist Hairstyle for girls

We love the way twist look on my niece, it’s a style that we see often in natural hair blogs.  When you search for black hairstyles whether it’s for adults or children the style comes up for both.  With a tighter curl pattern this is a protective style that works for my mixed kid’s hair we haven’t had as much luck with this style lasting so when Misha picked it as her Pinterest inspiration I felt hesitant.  Nonetheless, we gave it a try and found a solution to keeping the twist from unraveling in her loose curls.


We always start with clean hair and set our curls using the LOC method.  I have written about our deep conditioning and protein treatments before so remember to rotate those longer wash day routines in as necessary.  This week we did a regular co-wash and product setting.  Here is our product line up and wash day steps:


Wash Routine

This wash day landed on a Sunday and it was a warm winter weekend. Consequently, the neighbor kids began house jumping.  Three neighbor friends came over to play.  Making Misha very anxious to get done with her hair and down to the fun with the rest of the girls.

Mixed Kids Haircare

Natural Hair products kids

Here is the Pin she chose for inspiration.  The solution we found to keep the twist from unraveling on her looser curly hair is to add a braid at the tip of the twist before we secure with a rubberband.

How to do twist on Mixed Kid’s Hair

  1. Divide hair into two sections right and left
  2. Divide each of those sections of the hair in half front and back.
  3. Smooth each section and secure with an ouchless hair tie.
  4. Make sure the hair within the ponytail is smooth. Now as you separate the ponytail into three pieces run your wet brush through each piece.
  5. If the hair starts to dry on you as you work your way around her head, spritz it with your misting water bottle.
  6. So now you have four ponytails in a quad. Each ponytail is split into three chunks of hair.  A trio.
  7. Take one of your chunks and split it in half, twist to the end and add a small braid.
  8. Secure with a rubber band. Repeat until all hair is finished.


We wore this style for the full wash cycle (6 days).  It did get frizzy towards the end of the week.  We simply removed the top hair tie, spritz the hair and smoothed the edges.   and combined all the twist into one ponytail on day 4.  On day 5 we cut out the rubber bands on the ends with a seam cutter and we work the twist out until the next wash day.

For more protective style ideas check out these jumbo box braids.