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The Osthoff Resort 2020 Review

Our third trip, an updated review of this Wisconsin destination for a NYE vacation. We were feeling caged and needed a change of scenery.  A Wisconsin winter getaway over the New... Read More

Celebrating the dream, a family trip to Lake Geneva

Repeat, Repeat!  We’ve got a thing going with doubling back on vacation locations.  It’s a neat idea to experience the same place as a couple, and then return for a trip with... Read More

Wildly romantic weekend getaway to La Crosse, WI

James and I have been taking weekend getaways throughout the course of our courtship. When we moved to Atlanta we had to make sacrifices. Unable to afford traveling home to... Read More

Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue Adventure

For my special one on one date with Giana before she heads off to second grade, I wanted to ditch summer camp and do something memorable.  I have a list... Read More