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Braid out on 4a fine low porosity natural hair

Hair Regimen Non-Negotiables When it comes to my natural hair there are some non-negotiables. I stick with the same wash day regimen, although I alter and play with ingredients and... Read More

Summer Tails! Natural hairstyle tips for mixed kids in summer!

Summer Time Hairstyling During the summer, we keep it moving.  We are always on the go, Swimming, camping and eating at backyards BBQs.   This is our season.  Living Laufty... Read More

5 must-have hair tools for mixed kid’s haircare

Finger detangling vs Hair Tools   When it comes to detangling there are varying opinions on the use of hair tools versus finger detangling.  I have seen a lot of... Read More

How to modify a straight hairstyle on Pinterest to work for kids natural curly hair

The hair inspiration I have been letting my daughters chose some inspirational Pinterest pins so that we can try new styles on their hair.  Allowing them to be a part... Read More

Longevity of full set of cornrows on 3c biracial kid’s hair

Wash Day and Cornrow Style   We have a new favorite protective style, I did a full set of cornrow braids on Giana’s hair the week before Christmas.  I started... Read More

Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse – Swim Season Cleanse

Wash Day Mixed Kids Haircare Sundays are family days for us.  These little fishes love to swim.   Despite the less than ideal weather we had this summer, we managed... Read More

Split Piggies

We have had a busy summer and enjoyed every moment.  This weekend was one of the rare ones that we had free.  I had finally badgered my husband enough to... Read More