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The last year for me has been marked with career transitions.  Motherhood is a constant balancing act, no one has all the answers.  I have experienced so much happiness and peace since I made the decision to put my family first.   Parenting is the most important role that I have ever been honored to fulfill.  There is not a day that goes by that I am not grateful for the relationship that I have with my mother.  I hope that my daughters will share that sentiment with me.

Let’s form a community of supportive mothers doing our best to raise good people.  In the parent post section, I share with you the fun activities we do, the playdates that we plan and the ways we attempt to shape the minds of our littles.   I will be honest about the tough parenting times and the struggles to keep it all together because sometimes laufty plans go astray.

Simple Valentine’s Day Craft

DIY Valentine’s Cards As a mom, it seems like the to-do list is endless.  School theme days such as crazy hair day, pajama day, or the 100th day of school... Read More

Box Braids on mixed kid’s hair plus my girl is growing up!

Mommy Blogging It’s been a trying week. Blogging looks easier than it is. Thoughtful and useful content takes time to create.  It takes time to capture, find, edit and store... Read More

Lessons on Giving

Giving Investing time in our community through volunteer hours Giana performed her first volunteer hours completing a project during Thanksgiving break.  I thought it was important to remind her of... Read More

5 books to teach self-love for mixed kids

Plus a couple of great books for kinky coily curly hair kids Have you begun to give your children positive reinforcement about their image? Are you taking the time to... Read More

Structuring a planned and unplanned playdate

Supermom! Give credit where credit is due, the role of mother is all-encompassing.  We juggle the needs of the entire family.  Moms consider the execution of every task we do,... Read More