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The last year for me has been marked with career transitions.  Motherhood is a constant balancing act, no one has all the answers.  I have experienced so much happiness and peace since I made the decision to put my family first.   Parenting is the most important role that I have ever been honored to fulfill.  There is not a day that goes by that I am not grateful for the relationship that I have with my mother.  I hope that my daughters will share that sentiment with me.

Let’s form a community of supportive mothers doing our best to raise good people.  In the parent post section, I share with you the fun activities we do, the playdates that we plan and the ways we attempt to shape the minds of our littles.   I will be honest about the tough parenting times and the struggles to keep it all together because sometimes laufty plans go astray.

Guide to Hair Care for Textured Hair Kids

The most frequently asked questions I get about my girl’s hair is what product line do you use? Products play a part in maintaining healthy hair but it is equally... Read More

Is lying about Santa a breach of trust with your kids?

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Five Steps to By-pass Holiday Stress!

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Stay Inspired; Quest for fulfillment!

As painful as it is to see summer slip away, we are ready for a bit more order and structure to our days.  During the school year, time is limited to... Read More


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Mom guilt, never enough

We are in the midst of several activities colliding in our household.  Fall activities are wrapping up and summer activities have already begun.  Our family is being pulled in every which direction.  These... Read More

Outskirts of Normal: Insight on black hair maintenance from a white adoptive mother’s point of view.

Book Review : On the Outskirts of Normal In the book On the Outskirts of Normal, Debra Monroe bares her soul as a single mother to a black adoptive daughter.... Read More

The Importance of Identity for Black Women and Biracial Kids.

 Why is identity such an important topic amongst women, girls and minorities?  Will there ever be a time when our heritage, race and social economic status won’t affect our experiences?  My focus... Read More

Breaking Point: Mommy’s time-out, A solo trip to Miami

“Good people are like candles they burn themselves up to give others light.”   Last fall I hit a breaking point with my husband.  Our marriage is no different than... Read More

Holiday Traditions:  Tree Farms and Holiday Photo Cards 

Holiday Traditions:  Going to the tree farm This year is blazing by, I blinked and Thanksgiving was here.  The holiday truly snuck up on me.  We have annual traditions in... Read More