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About Dione

Tenacious mother of two perfectly blended beauties who loves to entertain and travel. Follow me as I attempt to live a Laufty Life, a life with high ambitions. Laugh with me as this life routinely falls short of my Laufty expectations.

Natural Hair Care Journey Fatigue

      5 reasons women go natural and then give up!   About once a year I want to abandon my natural hair goals and go back to my... Read More

You should blog about that?  Is Facebook an illusion, a fake fairytale?

  Facebook’s Image Crafting I saw a post today about social media and its fake portrayal of perfect lives, The article was a share by one of my high school... Read More

Laufty Life Media Page

Laufty Life Collaborations! As we travel down the road, living The Laufty Life together, I want to be as open and honest with you as possible. As a blogger and... Read More

Like a boss! Chasing my dreams…Again!

Reflection   It’s been a year since I sold my day spa and entered a new chapter of my career.  Do you ever find yourself questioning your journey?  Do you... Read More

Living a Laufty Life!

Heyyyy! Thanks for visiting and learning about living the Laufty Life. I’m Dione Laufenberg. Originally from Chicago, we moved to Madison, Wisconsin when I was young, so I’m a midwest... Read More