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About Dione

Tenacious mother of two perfectly blended beauties who loves to entertain and travel. Follow me as I attempt to live a Laufty Life, a life with high ambitions. Laugh with me as this life routinely falls short of my Laufty expectations.

2020 Best Books to read in quarantine!

What are the things that fill you with joy and keep your spirit lifted?  Are you finding time to do more of those things?  One of my favorite pass times (aside from... Read More

Spa and Salon Survival Tips for social distancing and the Corona Virus!

Better Together This is a trying time for all of us.  We are inundated with bad news, fear, and uncertainty,  I cannot imagine what my partners who own brick and mortar businesses... Read More

5 Lessons learned while pursuing the entrepreneur’s dream!

Some Of y’all are waiting for something amazing to happen to you, but that’s just not me. Some Of y’all are holding back on your dreams, but that’s just not... Read More

Step into Your Greatness

Facing your fears to uncover your passions! It’s scary, it’s daunting, it can be damn right intimidating to step into your own greatness. I’ve built and sold my own company.  I... Read More

Stay Inspired; Quest for fulfillment!

As painful as it is to see summer slip away, we are ready for a bit more order and structure to our days.  During the school year, time is limited to... Read More

Go Hard vs Let it Go: The struggle to Just Be!

This post is dedicated to Yogi Amy In your time of sorrow, I send you Karma. May your healing energy and radiant light invert and shine bright back at you!... Read More

Mom hack on make-up application time: Microblading and Ombré Microshading

Hey Momma, you know how it feels to be at the bottom of your own to do list?  Yeah, me too! But you don’t have to be anymore. We have... Read More

Mom guilt, never enough

We are in the midst of several activities colliding in our household.  Fall activities are wrapping up and summer activities have already begun.  Our family is being pulled in every which direction.  These... Read More

Blended: Reflections on race in this politically unstable state

Blended   The house is humming this morning. Cartoons are blurring on the TV, bacon is sizzling on the stove and our Bernedoodle Irie is barking at a squirrel in... Read More

A letter to my daughters

Writer’s Workshop I recently took a writer’s workshop at UW Madison to sharpen my craft.  We explored some deep topics.  Each writer was willing to be vulnerable and everyone who... Read More