Summer Time Hairstyling

During the summer, we keep it moving.  We are always on the go, Swimming, camping and eating at backyards BBQs.   This is our season.  Living Laufty and spending as much time as possible outdoors.  Though we pride ourselves on traveling Wisconsin, these months generate plenty of activities right here at home.   Which means we have less time for complicated protective hairstyles.  We have less time to futz over braiding and unbraiding our hair.  Our hairstyles are simplified.

Summer Hair Tips Natural Hair

Summer Elements

At the same time, we recognize that we are adding elements to our routine that have dehydrating effects on our hair.  The sun exposure, swimming in salt, fresh or chlorinated water and even wearing a baseball cap 3 times a week for Giana our little rookie.  This girl is developing a solid swing her first year in baseball.  She has legs for days rounding those bases and she rocks those Swurly curls dangling from the back of her team’s baseball cap.  Proving our little girl is not only gorgeous but a budding athlete.

Mixed Kids Hairstyle Summer

The time we were spending on creating fabulous protective styles in the winter, will be directed to infusing moisture to combat summer elements.  We certainly are washing instead of co-washing our hair after any water activities.  I recommend a conditioning shampoo after contact with chlorinated water.  We also uphold this wash day policy for saltwater pools.  From my understanding of shocking our hot tub, these pools are still sanitized with chemicals.  Chemicals we want to remove from our hair.

Mixed Kids Hairstyle Summer

Conditioning Treatments

Deep conditioning weekly with our Swurly Wash Day Microfiber Towels to lock in moisture is a given.  When our hair starts to dull and feel brittle we acknowledge the signs.  For instance, shortly after wash day it the girl’s hair still feels dry, looks dull or is constantly frizzy it’s time to pull out the big guns.  Try an Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse, Steam Session or Hot Oil Treatment to inject more moisture to counteract the summer elements.

We choose simpler styles for many reasons in the summer.  First of all,  I need to check their ears and hairline for ticks, we are in a rural area.  Ticks are bad this year and can even be deadly, a two-year-old from Indiana died from Rocky Fever last year.   I want ease when we are washing the kid’s hair more often for swimming season.  Lastly, we are just outdoors more.  Whether its sand, dirt or sunscreen we are exposed to the elements.  Here is a simple style on Giana.  Although it’s only pigtails we still made it Laufty by jazzing it up with a Headbands of hope piece intertwined into the braid.

Here are some other tips from the Swurly Launch Party for how to survive summer and still rock beautiful natural curls.