Better Together

This is a trying time for all of us.  We are inundated with bad news, fear, and uncertainty,  I cannot imagine what my partners who own brick and mortar businesses are feeling right now.  I do know what it is like to operate and own a business in which you are responsible for paying employees during a financial crisis. 
Although my current company is home-based, my first company opened in 2oo8 amidst the great recession. The financial climate had completely shifted during the time it took for me to secure my loan, build out my space and open the doors. With my husband’s knowledge of finance and real estate, I was well aware of the seriousness.

Be Flexible

While this time is challenging in so many ways, the creative forward thinkers will be able to come up with unique and new ways to survive the coronavirus economy.

I sent these ideas to my wholesale accounts and I would like to share them with you as well. If you own a salon/spa here are some quick ideas of how you can continue to drive sales while we are social distancing.

Tips to keep your spa or salon operating while social distancing for the Coronavirus.

Salon & Spa Social Distancing Tips

  1. Have clients schedule retail/appointment time in small group openings.
  2. Create retail packages for at-home treatments.  For example: 
    1.  Deep conditioner, Swurly microfiber towel, and Facial mask. 
    2. Swurly Sleep Cap, Swurly Scrunchies and essential oil.
  3. Upload how-to videos on YouTube, or offer your staff a lower hourly rate to feed your social media.  
    1. How to barrel curl your hair 
    2. How to stretch your curls with elongating cream
    3.  How to make the perfect messy bun for a movie night in
  4. Offer incentives for future appointments, gift card purchases, and prepayments so we can continue to support our team.
    1. buy three gift cards for a cut and color and we will deliver a shampoo/conditioner to you for free.  
    2. Enlist a staff member to do door drops.

 Check with your local, state and federal organizations to see if you qualify for relief:

  • SBA
  • WEDC

If you are interested in wholesaling with me send me an email:

We will get through this and the businesses that do will come back stronger than ever.  Stay encouraged, stay safe and stay healthy!