DIY Valentine’s Cards

As a mom, it seems like the to-do list is endless.  School theme days such as crazy hair day, pajama day, or the 100th day of school can cause even more stress.  We have all missed one or two of these.  Last week was bring your favorite stuffed animal day at Misha’s preschool.  She picked out the stuffed cat she wanted to bring the night before and still it was left in the lockers on the way out the door.  Despite the challenges of keeping up with the school calendar of events, Valentine’s Day crafts are an annual favorite of ours.


Lately, I have been directly involving the girls in our Laufty Life Pinterest account.  When it comes to their lives I want to allow them autonomy as possible.  Thus, we did a Valentine’s Day craft search and Giana chose Pop Rocks for her candy.  Misha wanted to use Starburst for her chosen treat.

Valentine craft

Valentine’s Supplies

We started our crafting Super Bowl Sunday.  The kitchen island was cleared and the supplies for each of the girls were spread out.  Finding the pop rocks was a challenge.  They were not at my local grocery store, or the super Walmart or at Target.  I wondered if I would only have luck at a gas station.  Then my brilliant daughter Giana mentioned that she saw them at Party City.   They always remember the important stuff.   She was on point and they were 3 for $3.00.Valentines Craft


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Valentine Supplies from Walmart:

  1. Large bag of Starburst $5.98
  2. 20 heart treat bags $.98
  3. Valentine’s box $1.98

Valentine Supplies from Home:

  1. Paper Cutter
  2. Stapler
  3. Gel Pens


Short Cuts for Valentine’s Exchange:

Giana mentioned that they were to decorate a box and bring that in for everyone to place their valentine’s cards in.  I saw the beautifully crafted one assembled for less than $2 I took the shortcut.   Target had the cute tin mailbox that we picked up for Misha’s Valentine’s cards.


A note on crafting:  it can be Pinterest Perfect or it can be authentically crafted from the heart of a child, with the hands of a child.  Being a person that likes to lead and be in control, it is in my nature to critique and perfect any and every project.  It is something I am working on because I want them to feel confident in their abilities.

Valentine idea

Click here for Misha’s craft template from two yellow birds.

We used for the Starburst tag which said: “hope your valentine’s day is bursting with happiness”.  Although Misha is still developing her small motor skills but I gave her the training scissors and demonstrated what she needed to do to cut her tags.  I wrote her name on one tag and let her fill in the rest.

DIY Valentines


Giana’s Valentine’s template came from a small snippet and can be found here.  She used a paper cutter and I also showed her where to cut the cards in order to leave space necessary to fold over the pop rock bag.  She made a couple mistakes cutting, so we just printed an extra page.


Can you feel the love?  You can find more of our crafts on our Laufty Life Pinterest Page.