I have a competitive nature and a willingness to take on challenges. The history of my desire to have a hot tub goes back several years and is something I talked about in our last house which we lived in for 7 years before we built our current home.

Our neighbors at that time who have become a part of our family and whom we continue to spend time with, had decided to curb their Adirondack chair set with foot rest because they were fed up with re-staining them every year. We acquired this set which had great bones and I told James we should strip them and paint them burnt orange.

My sweet husband had no faith in my handy skills or ability to see such a labor intense task through from start to finish. He decided to make a mockery of my efforts and turned it into a bet. If I finished this project I could get the hot tub I so desired.

He underestimated the wrong diva that day. I went to the hardware store and Sherwin Williams. I collected my supplies and got to work on dissembling the chairs. For weeks, on my off days when Giana was napping I was sanding and painting each piece of wood and laying them out on sheets of old newspaper allowing them to dry before flipping the piece and doing the same thing on the other side.

I may have crept over to that friendly neighbor of mine- Jeff worked from home and willing to help me win the bet, He is a great story teller with a bevy of experiences in his life to draw from. His daughter babysat for our girls over the years. This was a generous and genuine friend who always looked out for our young family. We also had a fun streak of pranks that had occurred between him and I on each other so he knew I was unstoppable when I was on a mission.

He helped me get a couple stubborn nails out with his drill and I completed the entire set and they looked damn good! I dragged James from location to location looking at hot tubs to buy and learning about the maintenance. He showed zero interest and used the scare tactic of him declaring he would not help with the upkeep to talk me out of getting a hot tub at that time. We ended up compromising on new living room furniture and a new dining room high top table with chairs.

When I sold my company last year and wanted to reward myself with a symbol of accomplishment that hot tub dream was revived. I had a hard time finding reviews from consumers for hot tubs, I hope that this review will be helpful for anyone who is considering buying a spa.




  • Wireless audio sound
  • Water Pressure on 81 jets
  • Jet positions are great for neck, shoulder and back attention
  • Lounger seat offers additional leg jets
  • Jets can be adjusted to increase or decrease jet pressure
  • Love the Coastal Gray Woodgrain shell
  • Water Fountains with LED Lighting
  • Company stands behind product and wanted resolution for faulty first unit we ultimately returned
  • LED lighting and mood lighting show
  • Quality Tub Cover with lift
  • 24-hour circulation pump helps keep the unit clean
  • The company sent me a $100 gift card to apologize for the leak
  • The hot tub dealer sent out a technician at no charge and gave us a ton of extra chemicals to compensate for all the issues we had.



  • First unit arrived with a leak
  • First unit with salt water system read error on the salt regulator after 6 weeks
  • Bluetooth is spotty if phone isn’t in the immediate vicinity
  • Water temperature is unstable can run 5-7 degrees hotter than set temperature at warmer weather (the technician said this was due to it being summer and the circulation pump generating heat, he adjusted a setting within the panel that has made it remain 1-2 degrees warmer than set temp)
  • The spinning balls spew water everywhere and spins too fast on low setting
  • The spinning balls are removable and irresistible for the kids
  • Steps are cheap plastic and do not match the nice material of the tub


The hot tub’s website is http://www.premiumleisure.com

The hot tub dealer I purchased our tub from is http://www.recreationalconceptsinc.com