My love for Caribbean travel, all-inclusive resorts, and fine dining are obvious. Nonetheless,  I’m not too bougie to go glamping.  In the Midwest, we take every opportunity available to soak up as much sun as possible, during the 3 months that it is available.  If you read my Schools Out Let’s Go Camping Post where I shared my camping list, you learned that I do not pack lightly, I am very organized yet,  I like to camp in style.   Accordingly, we don’t tent camp we use our Coleman pop up camper and it just got a laufty makeover.

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Seeing the kids swim, play outside all day until the fireflies come out and have pseudo-sleepovers with our closest family and friends never gets old.  This year we have 3 camping trips planned.   Record-breaking for us!


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The keys to having a successful camping trip are:

  1. Come prepared, otherwise, you’re running around gathering, instead of chilling in a lawn chair.
  2. Keep it simple. Camping menus should include quick grilling food, fruit, and portable snacks.  Simple games and activities for the kids with toys you don’t mind losing.
  3. Invite your favorite group of friends or family.  People you simple enjoy hanging with no frills needed.  Camping is done best in a squad.

Camping Family Traditions

My first camping trips began with my beloved Uncle Bubbles and my sweet Aunt Marge.   They made many impressions on my life, and although my uncle has since passed away his spirit and legacy will always live within me.  My aunt continues to be a pillar of society always willing to help, they have adopted and fostered many children.  They were always doing something to better their community, family and are amongst the most generous kind-hearted people I have ever known.  Camping was one of the many activities that they exposed us to, things we wouldn’t otherwise have experienced.  Additionally, they were  early role models for interracial marriage, I will forever be grateful for the time we spent.

Travel Wisconsin Camping  Travel WI


James’ family were avid campers, they traveled to state parks around Wisconsin when he was a kid.  We shared this commonality with fond memories and therefore have decided to continue this tradition with our kids.  James’ parents gifted us their camper from the 70’s which was in excellent condition.

Travel WI



Two years ago, we traded the camper we inherited in and upgraded to the 2001 Coleman Utah.  It was time for us to put our stamp on it so I decided to remodel the pop-up.  I spent the last week renovating the camper.  Remember the MTV show about tricking out vehicles “pimp my ride”?  In that spirit, I have named this project “pimp my pop up camper”.Travel WI


I swear I am haunted by the visions that dance in my head.  Once I started pinning inspiration for the pop-up restoration, I knew I wouldn’t stop until it was complete.  Here are some before pictures:






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How to update Coleman Pop Up Camper

Camper Remodel Steps:


  1. First, I applied Marble Contact Paper to the table and side tables.
  2. Painted Cabinets and Bases White with Dutch Boy Paint
  • Remove all hardware
  • Taped floor and trim
  • Washed all surfaces
  1. Replaced Couch Bench with Clearance Cushions from Patio Warehouse ($15 each x 6 cushions= $94 with tax).  I priced out have an Esty shop make custom covers and to do the couch and dinette set, the estimate came in at $807.  Too much for my budget but her work is beautiful.
  2. I bought 5 yards of fabric which was 50% off $40 and used my staple gun and push pins to cover the dinette cushions. It took a while to make the corners gather just right but I was very happy with how it turned out and it was way cheaper to do it this way.
  3. For curtains,
    • I removed the drab green and pink panels with a razor from the plastic slider.
    • For privacy of each bed bunk I found curtains in 63 inches for the bedroom dividers and 3-tiered kitchen drapes to cover the other windows.
    • I used Velcro squares to apply the drapes to existing plastic sliders.
  4. Finally for flooring
    • Removed the paint tape from trim.
    • Swept and Cleaned the floor
    • Applied peel and stick wood vinyl planks in faux wood flooring.
    • Added a chic fur rug under the kitchen table (at night we can remove the table and use this space as the dog bed.



Ultimately, I had trouble getting the cabinets back on, so I recruited James and he helped reinstall them after the paint dried.  Otherwise, I did everything myself and he avoided the project like it was the plague.

Camper Remodel- the finishing touches

Finally, I bought two sets of pillows and new linens for both beds.  They are king size pull outs so I got a light silky pink set for the girls and cute sheep printed sheets for us.  I add a plush fleece for each bed.  Pink Luxe for the girls and an Aqua Kate Spade soft as a cloud for ours.  May she rest in peace!


On the whole, the pimped-out Pop Up looks bigger, brighter and chic.  It took a bit of elbow grease but I elevated our glamping game.  Therefore, I cannot wait to take the Coleman Pop Up on the road, travel Wisconsin and bask in summer glory on our wild camping ventures.