Sometimes I am overwhelmed with the thought that I’m going to blink my eyes and my daughter’s childhood will be completely over.  It comes to me when I stop and observe the way they play and how their play has progressed.  For example, the things they are now interested in play with.  Or how they role play, and even the toys they no longer play with.  Lately during their screen time the number one thing they want to do is watch Youtube videos.

These videos are narrated and depict children playing with American Dolls and Baby Alive dolls.  I am dismayed that they would prefer to watch someone else play.  Especially with the dolls that we own, instead of just playing with the dolls themselves.

This fear of not absorbing these moments in their childhood and allowing it to pass me by, makes me want to bottle up time.  It was one of the driving factors that drove me to decide to sell the day spa I owned and operated for 8 years.  I wanted to have more time at home.  Before summer ends, I decided to plan a one on one date with each of my girls.  Take some time to focus on them as individuals, make them feel special and discuss the changes that would be upcoming in their schedules for the fall.

I gave them a couple options based on their personalities.  I asked Misha if she wanted us to take a cooking class, go to a petting farm, pottery studio or to build a bear.  She chose to build a bear.  I surprised her with a polish change at Indulge Spa, the spa I previously owned and still frequent for services.

I have never been to build a bear but I wasn’t expecting her to choose that option.  Misha will carry around a stuffed animal from time to time but she has never been attached to one and seems to find them somewhat scary.  She requests that all stuffed animals be removed from her room at night.  She doesn’t like them watching her sleep.

The more I think about this special time together, I want to steer her into choosing something I know she will enjoy for more than a couple hours.  On the drive to the west side I ask her “do you really want a bear?”  “Or would you want to go to a big toy store and see if there is another toy you would play with more?”  She agrees with my logic (smart kid) and we head for Toys R Us instead, her first visit.

American Dolls Vs Our Generation Dolls

We browse the store and she settles on an American Doll Ice Cream stand.  I remember my phase of loving American Dolls, how is this already happening?  My older cousin took me to the warehouse sale and I remembered people camped out and waited in long lines to get their favorite doll and accessories.   My daughters have been watching these dolls on Youtube videos and in turn their interest have peaked.  The American Dolls are pricy ($115); we own one that was gifted to Giana for a birthday.

Alternatively, you can get Our Generation Dolls from Amazon or Target which are like a knock off brand for much cheaper at $24-34.99.

We have Lilly Anna and Willow from the deluxe line.  These dolls and accessories also go on sale so watch out for those.  Giana spent her birthday money on the Row boat accessory set the previous weekend and we also acquired the Thoroughbred horse as a Christmas gift.  The my generation clothes and shoes are interchangeable with the American dolls.

Misha still naps so we only had a couple hours for our special day.  After she picked out her toy we grabbed lunch to go from Granite City and went downtown to daddy’s office, which Misha had not been inside of yet.  We enjoyed a lunch date with James and headed home.

I promised her I would remove all the packaging and set up our play area while she napped.  As I started to set up our playset I realized that all the doll’s hair were in rough shape.  I used the wet brush and our favorite Hello Hydration Conditioner to detangle each doll’s hair.  I set up this play scene for us and found myself enjoying this silly task.


Stop and Play!

There was nothing spectacular about our time together but Misha proudly bragged about her preschool skip day when she returned to summer camp, showing off her pretty painted toes and telling her friends about her ice cream stand.

We made up a special day with the mommy song. “special day, special day, special day with the mommy”.   I ignored my phone, kept the TV off and sat on the floor with Misha and we played dolls.  She showed gratitude for the one on one attention and I think I will make this an end of the summer tradition.