Laufty Life: High Ambitions

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My name is Dione, I am a Midwest mom of two perfectly blended girls, who inspire me daily.   After spending the bulk of my career owning and running a boutique day spa in Madison, WI I decided I was ready for a change.  Our blog is a resource for mothers of mixed children looking for tips on how to style and maintain their kid’s curly natural hair along with parenting tips.  We love to travel and with years of experience in the luxury pampering market, I have a high standard for customer service.  Read our travel page for reviews on where to go, what to eat and what to see.  We especially enjoy all inclusive resorts in the Caribbean and weekend getaways here in Wisconsin.  When we aren’t globetrotting, we love to entertain in the comfort of our home.  Every party should start with a party theme!  So, check out our entertainment guides for party ideas and all you need to entertain in style.

I am a tenacious overachiever and I love when my plans are executed precisely.  Unfortunately, my high ambitions periodically fall short of my high expectations.  Mothers, can you relate?  The kids don’t cooperate, the travel day includes delays the, curls you thought you tamed behave unruly.  In this second chapter of my career, I am learning to laugh through it all and hoping that by sharing it with you, we both learn that living laufty doesn’t mean perfection.  The definition of “lofty” is elevated in style, tone, or sentiment.  With high ambitions, we place our aim at a Laufty level, with humbleness and children we stay grounded and land somewhere in between.  Thanks for living Laufty with me!

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