Private Transportation in Negril Jamaica

Jamaica is hands down our favorite Carribean island to vacation in.  We have visited the island seven times staying at various all-inclusive resorts since our initial honeymoon visit in 2005, we stayed at Sandals Negril.  We have since been to each of the Jamaican popular cities twice Ocho Rios, Negril, and Montego Bay.  Which not only makes us Jamericans but it also makes us experts on traveling to all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica.  While your all-inclusive vacation is the total package offering everything you need for an amazing vacation when it comes to travel and excursions you are better off going it alone.  You can travel like a celebrity with a private transfer from the hotel and private tours, let me show you how.

The biggest complaint when it comes to excursions is transportation time.  You have already paid a lot of money to be at an all-inclusive resort.  Spending an extended amount of time away from the hotel is not ideal.  I love seeing the culture of the countries we visit off the tourist center resort.  However, piling in a crowded van at an 8 am pick up time is no fun.  When you book with Your Jamaican Tour Guide, you are in charge of your excursion.  They will take care of your round-trip transportation from the airport in a private car.  They also have a list of great excursions to do and see off of your resort.

All-inclusive Negril Jamaica

Airport Transfers

If you are going to Negril or Ocho Rios it is a 1.5-2 hour drive from the airport in Montego Bay.  Take your time your room won’t be ready until 3 pm.   On your drive, your driver will tell you all about the sites and cities along the way.  At your service, you can stop for an authentic lunch at a Jerk Chicken Hut or grab some souvenirs from a shop.  Whatever you need Alrick and his staff will take care of you.  Best of all, you’re supporting a small business, a Jamaican family business.  Ya Mon!  If you prefer to get to your vacation quickly Montego Bay is a beautiful destination only 15 minutes from the airport.  Read about our stay at Breathless here.

13th Anniversary Boat Tour

For our 13th anniversary, we wanted to do something spectacular.  With the help of our Butler Shelly at Azul Beach Negril. We got the celebrity treatment with a private boat tour of seven-mile beach in Negril.  It was an incredible way to celebrate our love and it was so reasonable.  Here is how I describe our tour:

Boardwalk Village, Negril JamaicaToo Much Motion in the Ocean

We ventured out into the sea.

Reminiscing on our past and what remained to be.

There is a familiarity here, comforting, warming my body from within.

Rosé on my tongue, sun basking on my exposed expresso skin.

The story of a native who set out on his own.

Forced a man, twelve years young, no security nor home.

Romario is here to serve us with a smile on his face,

counting his blessing in every single way.

As he guides us into the cave my body floating in a continuous sway.

7 mile beach Negril, Jamaica

He shared his plight and humble beginnings, all the whilst still praising his homeland.

Given the toughest conditions, all I see is pride and happiness in this young man.

I’m grateful and grounded relieved of my fears.

Understanding for the first time, the sentiment of crying happy tears.

The depth of this revelation is more than I can soak in.

My hands go numb, my heart caves in.

The energy swelling in me with a glimpse of the meditation spot.

A wise man once sat on to cultivate his thoughts.

His words so profound they are written in quotes.

Marley in my head, the orange hill in my throat.

Boardwalk Village, Negril Jamaica

Eek there are bats flying over our heads.

I reach out and grip my husband by his hand.

My lover, my rock, he is right by my side.

The contents of my stomach begin to rise.

A guttural eruption mounting until the release.

I am liberated and ecstatic.  I am puking in the sea.

I’ve surrendered to every moment of this entire vacay.

Emotions crashing against the rock, like these saltwater waves.

Flash forward, flash backward to our bodies intertwined.

Our hopes, our dreams, our lives so divine.

My anniversary adventure forever marked in my mind,

these are the unforgettable moments that I search and I find.

Stimulate me to the point of no return.

Give me something real that makes my stomach churn.

Dione Laufenberg

Boat Tour Negril Jamaica

Book a Private Boat Tour of Negril

Despite the fact that I got a little seasick, this was one of the most remarkable tours I have ever taken.  Being that we are Sapphire members with Exotic travelers.  We had the pleasure of having butler Shelly for our stay at Azul Beach Negril Resort in Negril Jamaica.  The best service I have ever experienced.  Shelly is the bomb.  I described to her how we wanted to share a private day on the water, cruising the seven-mile beach.  We had done booze cruises and snorkeling tours with groups on previous trips.  For our anniversary we were looking for a slower pace romantic rhythm of our time at sea.

I searched for an excursion prior to our arrival on trip advisor.  To no avail, I found several threads of people looking for a company to charter them for a similar couples day at sea, a  private boat tour.  I figured it would be expensive to do but a once in a lifetime experience so I searched.  I found some recommendations for glass bottom boat tours, one sailing yacht option that was over $400 and decided to wait until we arrived and try again.

Travel Like Us

If you would like to travel in style like us exotic travelers, call or email my friend Edmundo Livera at Exotic Travelers 800-355-0886.   Tell him you know Dione Laufenberg and he will give you our member pricing and benefits on your next trip.  You will have to agree to listen to the member presentation and you must be married or living with a partner for 2 years to qualify.

Azul Beach Resort

Boardwalk Village

Upon arrival and after spending some time with Shelly, I knew we would get it done.  She talked to the water sports guys at the resort and they were willing to do it for $400.  However, I didn’t find Stanley’s boat to be particularly impressive.  Adjacent to the resort on both sides offers recreational facility and they had beautiful boats.  One company wanted $600, the other I negotiated down to $250.  Don’t be afraid to negotiate.

Shelly hooked us up with a cheese and fruit platter and ice bucket to go for our bottle of rosé from our bar in the room.  An excursion is going to run your $75-$100 when booked from the hotel.  This is a steal for a private ride on the water.  We had the boat for 2 hours and when I got sick they were so attentive.  Talk to captain Solji at the Boardwalk Village for your next trip to Jamaica and cruise in style.