For those of you who aren’t avid campers that first trip can be really intimidating.  Do not be deterred, you can begin a new family tradition.  There are all kinds of tips and tricks to take the work out of camping.  Each trip will get a little easier especially because we have a set of items we leave in the camping bins and in the pop-up camper itself.  Hopefully, you find my master list to helpful for you.  We adjust it annually, this year we were able to take off a lot of toddler items since our youngest is 3, no more swim diapers, pack and play, or sippy cups.

Left In Pop Up

  1. Toaster
  2. Fan
  3. Outdoor rug
  4. Sleeping Bags
  5. Broom, Dust Pan,
  6. Small grill

Keep in Camping Bins

  1. Citronella candles
  2. Sandwich Bags, paper towels, napkins, toilet paper, Kleenex
  3. Bowls/Tupperware, paper plates and plastic silverware
  4. Flyswatter
  5. Sponges and bristle pads
  6. All purpose cleaner
  7. Paper towel holder, dish washing tub, soap, hand washing station, bungee cord
  8. Garbage bags
  9. Pots and Pans and serving platters
  10. Flashlight, lantern, batteries
  11. Skillets and sauce pans-
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  1. Coffee pot
  2. iPod dock
  3. Cheap toys that can be lost with no sweat
  4. Coffee in Tupperware with one days serving size
  5. Wipes
  6. Pillows, sheets and blankets,
  7. Beach Towels, Swimsuits, beach bag
  8. Bath towels and shower toiletries
  9. Dish Towels, old bath towels
  10. Grilling utensils, flipper spatula
  11. Lighter, grilling tools, charcoal and lighting fluid
  12. Condiments
  13. Life jackets
  14. Sunglasses and Sun hat
  15. Lawn Chairs + kids lawn chair
  16. Long and short sleeve outfits for kids, sweatshirts, socks, Warm PJs
  17. Games and Books, Cards
  18. Sparklers and Chinese lantern
  19. Bug spray, sunscreen,
  20. Nightlight,
  21. Wine cups with lids
  22. Coffee mugs
  23. First Aid Kit– Child meds, Band aids, nail clippers, tweezers, Alcohol wipes, thermometer, Tylenol ,Tums
  24. Phone Charger
  25. Extension cord
  26. Propane tanks, Coleman grill
  27. Lighters
  28. Duct/ masking tape
  29. Wood, Newspaper
  30. Serving Spoons
  31. Extra shoes kids
  32. Make up mirror and toiletry caddy
  33. Wine opener
  34. Folding table
  35. Collapsable water jug for hand washing or drinking water station

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Food Ideas

  • Friday dinner- burgers, asparagus, alum roasted potatoes
  • Breakfast- hash browns, bacon, sausage, toast, eggs, Pam, coffee, creamer, bagels, sugar, fruit
  • Lunch- brats, hot dogs potato salad,
  • Saturday Dinner- BBQ chicken, Baked beans, corn,
  • Snacks, popcorn cheese crackers, sausage, salsa


Directions To POP UP The Camper

*Don’t forget the Key

Undo latches

Open door

Put down footings

Crank up

Slide out bump out

Slide out beds- pull cover over corners

Poles under ceiling




Plug in electricity and water