Heyyyy! Thanks for visiting and learning about living the Laufty Life. I’m Dione Laufenberg.

Originally from Chicago, we moved to Madison, Wisconsin when I was young, so I’m a midwest girl at heart. And I’m blessed to call one of the best places to live in America, my home.

I met my husband, James, while we were attending the UW-Madison. Go Badgers!

James’ early career took us to Atlanta.  While he worked on his career, I finished my college education at Georgia State University, majoring in Psychology.  While we lived there, I became a licensed massage therapist, working at a prestigious resort and spa, and happened upon my journey to becoming an expert in wellness and spa therapy.

James and I have been married for 13 years and choose to place a priority on dating and growing as a married couple.  We travel – with and without the kids – and make an event about our dates, whether we’re going out or staying and playing at home.

We’ve been blessed with two beautiful daughters.  It’s exciting to watch them grow and develop their individual personalities.

Giana is eight-years-old, she is a natural caretaker and a social butterfly.  She is a great swimmer, she likes to cook and you can literally see a sparkle in her eyes when she smiles.  She is beginning to use her wit against us when we least expect it.

Misha is now five.  She has a natural ability to make people laugh, she says what she means and means what she says (at times with a bit of stank face).  Her strong will and deep dimples make her a force to be reckoned with.

I’m sure I’ll have to add another section to my site about dealing with tween/teen girls in a few years.

Both our girls were born with beautiful hair and I have been dedicated to taking good care of it.  I have spent hours researching, maintaining and talking about their natural locks and they inspired me to embrace my own curls.  I am not a hair stylist, although I am licensed in massage, skin, and nails.  I have years of experience in therapeutic pampering with an emphasis on using only quality products!

September 2008, while the entire global economy was crashing and the whole world was melting down, I was putting the finishing touches on the build-out my boutique day spa.

It’s scary to think that while other businesses were going under, my staff and I worked hard through the recession to build a business and a brand that I was so proud of.

While I loved my spa and my staff, after eight years, I was feeling the need to move in another direction and passed the torch to another mom-preneur, who was prepared to invest in the company’s growth and expansion.  I am thrilled to see the brand continue to thrive.

Once the spa sold, I quickly found myself working as a marketing manager for a local company, specializing in niche dairy products for children.  I had no marketing degree and only my experience as a mom and business owner.  It was a great experience and proved to myself that I’m resourceful and able to adapt.

I love people and am often happiest hosting, entertaining, and partying.  I got the entertainment gene from my mother (who we affectionally call Mama).  She has been throwing parties since the Tupperware, Mary Kay and Avon days.

Mama is the queen of the kitchen and known for her cooking. Her pies, crab and chicken salads, fried chicken and bbq ribs have a reputation all their own.  She is my go-to for cooking advice and comforting recipes.  Often helping me prep for themed events found on the Entertain Page. This page is a great resource for hosting ideas.  I love a good theme party, I love a bottle of wine (or three) and I love being surrounded by family and friends.

Curls is the page that you will find tips on how-to hair care for mixed-race kids.  Honestly, I can’t create a straight part to save my life, but my goal is maintaining healthy hair using quality products.  I may not be the best resource if you’re looking for perfectly-coiffed styles, but I’m trying. #crookedpart.

I’ve reached a place in life where I am fully intuned with myself.  I recognize that I am an overachiever, super planner, and semi-control freak.  Why not embrace it?  I research the places we go and items we buy extensively and now I have a place to pass on that information and save you the hassle.

Travel is a review page that covers all-inclusive resorts that we visit.  It also features some vacation rentals and various midwestern getaways.

Product Reviews is where I share the reliability of products that we have purchased.

I will give you an honest opinion of the places we travel and the things we buy because I rely on online reviews when I am planning and purchasing too!  See our disclosure page here.

Laufty life is about living a life with high ambitions while appreciating the times when laufty plans go astray.