Laufty Life Collaborations!

As we travel down the road, living The Laufty Life together, I want to be as open and honest with you as possible. As a blogger and reviewer of products, it’s important to understand that I may be compensated for a post. I want you to know that:


Disclosure Statement


  • A compensated post/article means that I’ve entered into an agreement with a company to review their product or service. Compensation can take many forms, from a trade in services to financial compensation for my time/efforts. While I will disclose when I’m being compensated, the details of that relationship are between myself and my clients.


  • My blog posts will always disclose when we are doing a sponsored post.


  • I will update existing blog posts to include any changes in the relationship when a free review turns into a paid or compensated relationship.


  • Any products or services that I’m asked to review/blog about will be of my own free will.


  • There will be companies that will choose to ‘pass’ on if they don’t align with our vision.
  I want to provide you with reviews/blogs of products and services I genuinely endorse. Companies I pass on doing business with aren’t necessarily bad companies; they just aren’t a good fit for you and I living The Laufty Life.


  • Conflicts of interest will be avoided.


  • To date, I have no difficulty stating my opinions on various subjects including products and experiences.  I will continue to divulge my honest thoughts and reactions to you.


  • My life has taken me in several directions during my professional career.  I have education in wellness, beauty, and psychology.  I have an entrepreneurial mindset and high expectations for customer service, including attention to detail from years of managing in the luxury market.  Having worked in a number of different disciplines,  I will qualify my personal or professional opinions on topics as I write about them.



Living The Laufty Life means living a life of integrity, personally and professionally while pursuing the things that make us truly happy. We all know that trust and respect aren’t given, they are earned.

I will do all I can to earn yours.

Thank you for living a Laufty Life with my family and me!