Hyatt Regency Clearwater

I’m a sucker for excellent customer service. Give me the wow factor and I won’t shut up about it.  This is not a sponsored post, the Hyatt Regency Clearwater exceeded my expectations on our Spring Break trip.  I’m giving you the scoop.  The family suite set up was spacious, with spectacular views of the Gulf of Mexico.  If you are looking for a family vacation find out why you should choose this location.

Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach

Located in the Epicenter of Clearwater Beach Island

My uncle Ronnie has a saying “Park it”.  He used the line all the time and you had to pay close attention to the context of the conversation to know what he meant by it. Even then you might be confused but the line could be used to substitute “sit down” “shut your mouth” or “stick with me on this” regardless of his intended definition, it was catchy phrase and it stuck with me.


I’m loving the vacations I can go to, where I can just “park it”.  That’s exactly what we did at the Hyatt.  We valeted our car and walked to the Marina, plenty of restaurants, the public beach and the endless activities at Pier 60.

VRBO vs Hotel


When you’re traveling with young kids the VRBO option offers a nice solution to paying for every meal out.  However, I didn’t truly want to spend my vacation time cooking full meals.  I was hoping for super chill and as relaxing as possible.  I know how James and I roll, give us a full house and we will start finding chores to do.


When I am in the process of narrowing down hotels or comparing resort locations I head over to for the breakdown on the amenities.  They use a simple format of pros versus cons that gives me a bulleted point checklist of the most important features.  The cons are straight to the point and I can weigh if the complaints apply to my boujee expectations.

Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach

Family Suites so big you’ll forget you brought the kids


With a full kitchen and refrigerator, our suite was more than equipped for our family needs. Our room was on the 16thfloor with the hot tub deck and sunset views.  We got this cute picture of me with the girls on our last night there from the rooftop deck.


The balcony is accessible from the living room and master suite.  The king bed was comfortable and the modern sectional doubled as the pull-out bed for the girls. More importantly, we had two bathrooms for all our curly hair products.  One had a big tub for washing the kids after you get back from the beach.  The other had a walk-in shower and double vanity.

Sand Key Park

  • Curly Girl Tip: Packing for us three can be daunting.  I knew we were going to do grocery shopping once we got in.  With all these curls and swimming, I have started waiting until we get there to buy a bottle of conditioner.


Trip vs Vacation

We have all heard the saying “a vacation with kids is just a trip.” After a day in the sun, it was nice having space to unwind and connect as husband and wife.  The girls watching a movie on the big screen in the Living Room, while we played dice or card games in the bedroom.  Watching whatever we wanted, or listening to music and sipping some wine.


After some fresh oysters and wine at dinner, sun-kissed, you may get carried away and forget you brought the kids. Hypothetically speaking they could sneak into your room while you are wagering sexy bets on your dice game.  They may decide to quietly crawl into the master suite playing spy kids and before you know it, you have been caught in the act. These are just sizable possibilities.

Sand Key Park

Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach Review

We always found a set of chairs by the pool and when I got a splinter from posing by the Palm Tree the security staff went as far as extracting it for me.  Talk about above and beyond.

Here is my oyster format pros and con list:



  • Gorgeous Views from all sides of the property
  • Hyatt Regency Clearwater BeachSpacious Rooms
  •          Two Bathrooms
  •          Big Balcony
  •          Full Kitchen
  •          Breakfast Nook
  •          Big sectional in Living Room that pulls out for kids
  •          DJ at the pool
  •          Free inflatable for the kids at the pool
  •          Plenty of pool chairs available
  •          Coffee Shop
  •          Infused Waters in lobby
  •          Water station by the pool
  •          Posh Spa
  • Located directly across from the pristine beach, low waves that kids can safely play in.
  • Walking distance to Pier 60
  • Tons of restaurants and bars to stroll too
  • It’s a big pink building you can see from all over the island

Hyatt Regency Clearwater Florida


  • Stainless steel pots and pans- just a preference I don’t like cooking on them.  The food always sticks to the pot.
  • Must pay for self or valet parking
  • Our Keurig didn’t work well, would only make one cup a day so we ended up getting coffees.  We could have called it into the front desk but we just let it be.


This vacation was one we will cherish for a long time.  The photo shoot on the beach capture this special week in our lives and I would recommend this destination and hotel location to my friends.  One more tip:  you can book through Ebates and save additional cash.  I got $262 back from our hotel booking.