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Protective Hairstyle Pinterest

I have been letting my daughters chose some inspirational Pinterest pins so that we can try new styles on their hair.  Allowing them to be a part of planning their hairstyles helps keep them engaged in the process.  The sit stiller and help me out by passing me the rubber bands or products while we set their curls.

On a side note, this works with food too.  If I have them make a side dish or help prep dinner they are more likely to eat the dish.  I guess no one wants to insult themselves, Back to the hair.  If you’re worried about them choosing a style you can’t achieve, well that is a valid concern.  Both girls initially picked very small braided intricate styles and I simply told them it was above my skill level and would take too much time.


Curly Hair Don’t Care

The Pins that the girls chose were both done on straight haired girls.  Instead of telling them we couldn’t achieve the look, I decided we would use it as inspiration and modify it for their natural biracial curls.  Then, of course, we could share it with you!  Here are the pins they chose:

Girl Hairstyles inspiration from Pinterest Hair Inspiration from Pinerest

Misha chose the pin on the left and Giana chose the pin on the right.  We are still using the Mielle line of products.  We started using them a couple weeks ago and we like them so


far.  The products smell delicious.  With ingredients like pomegranate, honey, ginger, and Babassu oil they provide nice control without weighing the hair down.


I liked the Brazilian curly cocktail more on Giana’s 3a/3b hair and the Curl smoothie more for Misha’s 2c/3a hair type.

mielle product line


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Co-Wash and Set Curls

  1. Co-wash and detangle:  Herbal Essence Hello Hydration
  2. Mielle Leave in Conditioner Pomegranate & Honey
  3. Coconut Oil
  4. Mielle Organics Brazilian Curly Cocktail
  5. Mielle Curl Smoothie


Misha’s protective style


For Misha’s protective style we made a side part and sectioned off the top of her fair from her temple to the side part.  Splitting the top of her hair to the corner of her ear.  Instead of doing individual braids as pictured in the pin we went with rows of cornrowed French braids for the longevity of the style.  Except for the first braid which I did as an individual braid closest to her ear, this was a larger section of hair as well.


Next, we parted the hair in rows and French braided 4 braids to the side part.  We placed all the loose hair and the braids into one side pony.  I braided the remaining loose hair into one large braid from the ponytail and secured it with a hair tie.

Mixed kids protective style         braided hairstyle for kids         Natural braided Style for kids

The biggest modification is to secure the loose hair and have all hair protected in braids.  She loved the style, and it’s our own creation from inspiration.  Laufty!

To maintain the style she sleeps on a satin pillowcase and keeps her hair dry in the bath.  We spritz it with water in the morning, smooth down frizzes with a bristle brush and a little gel.  We are on day 5 of this style and will let down the braids tomorrow.


Giana’s protective style



For Giana’s protective style we ran into a little bit of an issue.  Remember our Vlog post on protein treatment where Giana suggest using Rainbow looms to secure the braids.  Well, we have so many of them we used them to achieve her style.  Unfortunately, they begin to pop and break as her hair dried.  When laufty plans go astray…. So we did it over the next day with black hair rubber bands.  Lesson learned!


So, for Giana’s hair, we did the same steps listed above and used the same products.  I used more of the Brazilian Curly Cream on Giana. and more of the Smoothie on Misha.


After applying the products, we section off Giana’s hair from temple to temple and then we brought those parts back to where her ears line up.  Next, we divided up this section into two rows.  Each row became 5 squares of small sectioned hair which we banded with rubber bands.  Then we divided the back of her hair into two parts.  We crisscrossed the tiny section hair on the top and fed them it into two ponytails with the back two sections we made.

protective style 3a/3b                    Styling mixed kids hair

From there we moved down the hair adding more hair ties every 1.5 inches until we reached the ends.


The pin had the ponytails twisted instead of banded but I know from our past that twisted styles do not last for us.  When we had the tragic rubber band popping and we had to redo this style we added two rows of French braids on each side of the middle section.  We also got gold cuffs in the mail from Amazon so we added those too!

banded hairstyle             stretch natural hair      Cool Braided Style for Kids


Let your girls with curls have an input on their hairstyles and if they chose a different hair type as inspiration, just modify and make it your own.  For more protective styles check out this post.