First and foremost we love our natural curly hair and I make sure to reinforce that with my girls.  Still every girl wants to get their hair done and feels good when they get a new style done.  Misha is six years old and has only had her hair blown out one other time.  Step one remember to reinforce self-love.

My stylist recently used a hot air paddle brush on my hair and she mentioned how much she loved it so I ordered one for myself and tested it out on Misha!

paddle brush blowoutProtection from the heat

Ultimately, I think having versatility is one of best things about naturally curly hair.  Any time that you introduce heat you are adding an element that can be damaging to your strands.  I always want to be transparent about this with my kids.  I explained to my daughter that we would counter those effects by starting the process with a deep conditioning treatment.  Remembering to reinforce self-love, and we set a limit to the times I will allow them to straighten it.    

After washing and detangling her hair we applied the My Black is Beautiful Intensive Recovery Treatment.  We placed a plastic cap over the conditioned hair and put our SWURLY microfiber towel on top to lock in the heat.  We leave the treatment on for 30-45 minutes.


Layer on the thermal protection 

We always layer on the protection before we use heat on the hair.  I have some new products I tried for this step as well and I recommend all of them.  First we sprayed her hair with Moisturizing Blow Dry & Style Primer after that I added a little weight with Eden Bodyworks Conditioning Hairdress.  As I start to blow out each section I coat the hair with coconut oil

Review of the Hot Air Paddle brush

I paid $18 for the hot air paddle brush and the price has been reduced to $16.  It’s not a big investment.  Overall I like it, I did not feel that it was a time saver per say but I noticed that rather than just drying the hair it dried and straightened it in one step.  I had to make several passes on each section with the brush but only lightly touched up with the flat iron afterwards.  At this price point I definitely recommend adding this to your toolkit.