Giant Bun on 3-day old hair

Old hair is so pretty to work because the hair is dry and the curls are set.  It has more volume at this point and can be easily styled.

A rainy weekend in May provided us with the perfect excuse for a family night in. Board Games, Movies, Pizza, popcorn and ice cream. Giana had some behavioral missteps in the preceeding weeks, and I had been emailed from school.  I decided to take a different approach, and I spent special one on one time with her.  I wanted to allow her to explain her feelings and why she was not listening to the bus driver and staying in her seat.

We had already taken away some of her privileges when the notification came and I wanted to follow up with her.  While we discussed bus safety, expectations and consequences for bad reports home, I painted her toes and gave her a fancy updo (15-min style).  This was not meant to reward or reinforce her behavior but an attempt by me to give her some attention she may have been seeking and to calmly reason with her.   She was happy to have my full attention and was thrilled with the outcome of her hair.

She decided to change her outfit to complete the look.

I spritzed Giana’s hair, this is always my first step to avoid snagging or pulling on her curls it needs to be dampened to help it allow manipulation.  I added Cantu coconut curling cream.  I use my palms to loosely place the hair into a ponytail, I didn’t use any tools for this style because I wanted to keep the curls defined and not disturb them.

I inserted a bun filler (chignon, donut bun maker, bun filler) which can be purchased at Sally’s, Walgreens or Walmart or on Amazon.  Click here for the Amazon Link.

You simple slip it over the ponytail.

Next you split the hair from the ponytail and fan it out over the bun filler.  I used a second hair tie to secure her curls around the filler and a couple bobby pins to pin the hair down.  You can tuck in the ends of the hair and make a tighter looking bun but I really liked the extra curls left out on Giana for this looser look.

We added this fun flower clip and in under 15 minutes we turned this old hair into a very classy giant bun up do.

Before bed I make sure to remove all bobby pins and the bun filler to prevent any pulling of her curls while she is sleeping.

This is not a style with longevity it will only last one day.  Which works out great because we did not need to invest much time plus we have wash day coming up.  On top of that we were able to insert a teachable moment, her bus behavior improved over the last weeks of school.