Flexi Rod set on natural curly hair


After we removed the box braids from Giana’s hair, her hair was stretched and dry with lots of volume.  Old hair works very well with up do styles and specialty looks.  While we watched a family movie Saturday night, I asked her if she wanted to try sleeping in rollers and working with her hair to create another look.  She was game so here is our first flexi rod set on natural curly hair.


Sleeping with any type of roller, or curlers in your head is a test of determination.  You’ve heard the saying that “beauty is pain” and that should not be the case.   However, in some instances, such as waxing eyebrows, extractions in a facial treatment or in this case sleeping with strange objects pressing against your scalp the saying is rather accurate.  Don’t even get me started on Curl formers, they create such an amazing curl but are literally the worst night sleep you can imagine.


Flexi Rods Sizes Flexi Rod Sizes

Of the variety of rollers to choose from in my arsenal, I gave Giana the entry level options for comfort:  flexi rods or soft sponge rollers.  She chose Flexi hair rods.  Flexi rods come in different sizes and are color coded by the diameter of the rod.  We used the big Gray rods on Giana and I found this chart showing the size range and a picture of the curl expected from each diameter from Sam’s Beauty.


How to set hair with Flexi Rods

First I coated my hands in Coconut Oil.  I didn’t worry much about making straight parts for this look because it does not matter.  I separated her hair into sections as I went along using the natural clumps that were formed.  Using a wide tooth comb, I lightly combed through each section of Giana’s hair from tips to root.

We want to maintain the length of her stretched hair and not saturate the hair because the most important instruction is to make sure the hair is completely dry before removing the curlers.  I have had a roller set fail because I did not give the hair enough time to dry and it is tragic.

heatless curls

Avoid a roller set Fail!

Taking that much time to apply products roll and set the hair, and then sleeping in the rollers that are less than comfortable, only to have the style not work out is a real let down.  If you choose to add moisture, make sure that you choose an oil base product or use a water based product sparingly.  We used the Shea Miracle from African Pride, the first ingredient is water but it also has argan, shea, and olive oil.  Concentrating on her ends I smoothed the product on sparingly.


How To Flexi Rod Set

Pay special attention to how you wrap the ends of the hair around the flexi rod.  I tend to twist the tips of the hair slightly together before I start rolling that section of the hair.  This is an important step to ensure the curls dry smooth.  Maintain tension on the hair as you slowly roll the rod to the scalp.  Bend both ends of the rods together into a C shape to secure the roll.  Repeat, Repeat, and repeat until all hair is complete.  Perfect easy flexi rod set


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Flexi Rod Set on Mixed Kid’s Hair

  1. Coat hands in Coconut Oil
  2. Comb section with wide tooth comb from tips to root
  3. Add moisture sparingly to the ends
  4. Slightly twist the tips of hair before you start rolling the rod.
  5. Maintain tension on the hair as you slowly roll the rod to the scalp.
  6. Bend both ends of the rods together into a C shape to secure the roll.
  7. Repeat, Repeat, and repeat until all hair is complete.
  8. Go to sleep
  9. Coat hands in coconut oil
  10. Unroll each flexi rod and style hair accordingly.

flexi rod set on natural hair

This is a style that will only last a couple days, which is fine since we were at the end of our wash cycle.  We added a cute headband from Headbands of hope.  This is an organization that gives a free headband to a child with cancer for every headband that is sold.  They are also super cute and adjustable for the size of your child’s head.   We pineapple the hair at night and slept with a satin cap.  For more styling tips click here.