It’s been a year since I sold my day spa and entered a new chapter of my career.  Do you ever find yourself questioning your journey?  Do you ever struggle with leading with your heart?

As an owner of a dayspa, I had experienced doubting myself before.  Feeling like my employment structure wasn’t good enough when someone resigned to go work at a competing spa.  Feeling like my relaxation lounge wasn’t large enough.  Doubting that I was using the correct channels to advertise.

Doubt, Fear, Doubt, Fear, it can be paralyzing!

Just when I wanted to give up, just when I felt like I couldn’t succeed, I would get the confirmation that I needed.  It would come in different forms.  Early on it came from a consultant that looked at my company from the inside out.  Our financials, our menu, our employee structure.  She told me what I was doing right and what I needed to work on.

Later in my ownership, it came from employees.  Telling me how much the company meant to them, I remember one particularly rewarding email I received from a young lady who worked her way up from spa coordinator to providing skin care services.

She told me she had experience both personal and professional growth because of her time at the spa.  She said that working for me right out of school challenged her.  That I was a director with high expectations and that my guidance stuck with her.  She said she had since left a toxic relationship and had been promoted to a manager position at the salon that she now worked.  She credited her experience working for me as an important step in growing her career.

Then there were the 10/10 reviews from clients., the introductions of me as the owner to customers that were checking out.  “This is my favorite place to be pampered”, “Is this a franchise?”, Our loyal clients kept me going and I was always shocked to learn people came from out of town and even out of state lured by the abundance of indulgent services described on our website.


We opened our doors in 2008 amidst the worst economic climate.  After the approval of the loan to build out my space, a new type of massage shop popped onto the scene- a membership massage franchises.  Playing to my worst fears, how would I be able to compete with these big brands?

Fear, Doubt, Uncertainty!

I had so much passion for making an imprint on my community, I had so much love for my team and I was determined to be successful.

The ultimate confirmation that following my dream and pursuing entrepreneurship came when I successfully sold my company for a profit 8 years after I opened the doors.

The decision to move on with my career was not an easy one.  The company had its largest following yet.  We had a packed schedule and extended hours.  I was fully staffed and I was tired!  I felt that I had taken the brand to where I wanted to be and I was ready for a new challenge.  However, I struggled with the thought of leaving a field I had become an expert in.  I struggled with feeling that I was abandoning my staff, many of which had become my friends.

Doubt, Fear, Uncertainty!

I still receive confirmation that my heart knows what is best.  Last Friday as I celebrated with the new owner, the 1 year anniversary of the company changing hands.  We discussed if we were happy with our decision? we discussed two employees who left for other opportunities and now returned because they realized how great the culture and work environment was.


Here I am embarking on a new venture, Laufty Life.  A blog dedicated to my beautiful girls and their beautiful biracial curls.  A place to celebrate diversity, motherhood and all the things that fill my soul.  While I am loving this creative outlet and the time I get to spend at home, there are many aspects of this industry that I am not well versed in.

Never have I built my own website, nor am I educated on SEO.  I was not an English major, what gives me the authority to be a writer?  I haven’t figured out my niche and I want to write about several topics which goes against the blogger success models.

Fear, Doubt, Uncertainty!

It was on the last day of our Colorado vacation that I announced to my family and friends the launch of my blog.  Since that time, I have received several questions/criticisms about my decision.   What is blogging? How does it qualify as a career? How can you possibly make money doing it?

Doubt, Fear, Uncertainty!

It was the day after my big announcement, the only day of our vacation that I left for my husband to plan.   To my surprise, he decided we would go several hours out of our way to see Este Park.

The park is hands down the most breathtaking, awe-inspiring places I have ever visited.  The drive alone offers bends and turns with 360 degrees of jaw-dropping views.


The Climb up the Rocky!

As my husband was at the wheel and we were climbing through winding cliffs and steep turns, to the top of Rocky Mountain National Park I felt a spiritual awakening.  The elevation range is 8,860-14,259 feet per Wikipedia.

My heart was racing as we stop to explore several stops along the way.  The lookout points display the depths of the valleys and it feels like your kissing the clouds.

At three different stops, we came within feet of Elk.  At the campsite, we saw them licking the grills, we encountered a Buck that stopped traffic; everyone pulling their cars over to get a look at this majestic animal.

While I was hoping to get a glimpse of the elusive moose that some of the other visitors had sited, It was at the very peak of the park that I felt another feeling of confirmation wash over me. I knew at that moment that I needed to let my heart lead.

There were gorgeous views captivating nature and completely enveloping us from every angle.  I have never felt so small and grounded.  We encountered an entire herd of Elk that day.

I cannot explain to you the way I felt but there was something that happened.  There was space to breathe, I was present in the moment.    Confirmation of my decision to launch the spa, every detailed aspect of this trip for my readers.

Being that high is exhilarating, I felt elevated and elated.   This was the beginning of me chasing another dream.  I am optimistic it will take me to even greater heights!

Confidence, Assurance, Faith!

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