Easy Protective style Bun

Just For Me Products

Wash day had once again arrived, it was Sunday July 23rd, 2017.   We had just returned from a long weekend up north.  The girls loved spending time and playing with their younger cousins.  They swam every day in both the pool and the lakes, we boated and fished.  Now we were home, after the long drive back, Sundays are often a day for us to be productive.  A combination of cleaning up from weekend activities and preparing for the upcoming weeks agenda.  I had the daunting task of unpacking and doing laundry, and getting the girls ready for summer camp activities.

While we adhere to most of the techniques in the “curly girl method” one of the main components is minimizing the frequency of shampooing hair, which prevents drying out the locks.   I make an exception for chlorine.  If we swim in a chlorinated pool,  I shampoo every time.   This may require an additional hydration treatment for that week, such as deep conditioning with a cap or even doing a protein treatment.  I will incorporate a moisturizing method like that as much as I can, during our peak summer swimming season.

For this wash, we stuck to our regular wash routine we are currently using Crème of Nature Detangling Shampoo and Hello Hydration conditioner.  I have not done a post yet on our wash routine,  we are open to using different product lines.  If it doesn’t work for one of our curls it usually will for another person’s hair in this house because we all have different curl patterns.

We stay consistent with our maintenance routine and techniques, we try different product lines as long as their ingredients line up with our goals.  When a product stops working for us, we move on to a new line.

For setting the curls for the week, we tried a new product line, Just for me.  I got a feeling of nostalgia when I saw this reformulated line.  My mom used to use Just for me relaxers on me and my sisters when we were growing up.

I noticed that the reformulation packaging was boasting some of the key ingredients I look for in my natural hair products; Coconut Milk, Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Sunflower Oil.  The bottle also noted on the seal that it had no sulfates, DEA, alcohol or parabens.    That was music to my ears.

After I washed and conditioned the girl’s hair during their bath,  we did an easy protective styled bun.

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What you need for this style:

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  • I use a microfiber towel and gently patted the hair, just enough to keep it from dripping while we put on PJ’s.
  • Find something to occupy the kids like a book, show or movie.  That night they chose a cartoon.
  • While the hair is still damp, apply a generous amount of the Just for me oil moisturizing lotion.
  • Brush product through with the wet brush 
  • Detangling from ends of the hair to the roots in small sections
  • Add a generous amount of Just for me natural curl milk curl smoother.
  • Seal with coconut oil, I use prayer hands to distribute the oil.
  • Brush hair into a low or high ponytail using the bristle brush.
  • Twist ponytail into a bun and add another hair tie.
  • Wrap hair in a bonnet or sleep on a silk pillow.
  • In the morning add a spritz of water and smooth down any frizzy edges.  You can use a little gel or edge control.
  • Accent with a headband or clip (optional)

We have now used the product for 3 weeks.  I like the smell of both the lotion and the curl smoother.  Both products are lightweight so they don’t weigh the curls down.  Even though they are light products they left the hair soft and moisturized and even provided a lot of sheen.  I have never used a product with soy milk in it I like the silky feel of the lotion.