Hair Regimen Non-Negotiables

When it comes to my natural hair there are some non-negotiables. I stick with the same wash day regimen, although I alter and play with ingredients and products. Over the years I have learned to simplify my wash day routine and stay consistent with the products long enough to figure out if they work for my curl pattern.


I can only dream of having natural curls like my beautiful biracial daughters.  And honestly, that is the quickest way to kill your journey.  It is okay to idealize someone else’s curls.  It is even alright to find a curl crush to immolate but choose someone with the same type of hair as your own. Otherwise, you will be sorely disappointed and that is a formula for quitting.

natural 4a fine coils

Natural Hair Type

Let’s talk about my hair type, having daughters of a different race than I creates unique challenges.  I like to be challenged and if it weren’t for my research on their hair type I would know nothing about my own hair type.  My hair is very fine, each strand is small in diameter and very easy to break.


Porosity measures your hair’s ability to hold moisture. I’ve done the float test on several occasions.  I have low porosity hair and the girls have high porosity hair.  My cuticles are tighter and have a harder time receiving moisture however my hair retains moisture better than my girls.  It also takes my hair a long time to dry.


I easily stretch my wash days for the week, while I may have to rewet and condition their hair biweekly..  Generally, we follow the same steps for both my 4a hair and their 3b hair.  What we vary is the consistency of the products we layer on.  I use thicker curl cream for the girls, thicker oil (coconut oil/avocado oil).

Video Hair Tutorial Dione’s Braid Out:

My Braid Out Routine- 7-minute style

  1. Wash or co-wash with peppermint shampoo by eden naturals, detangle and condition with hello hydration conditioner.
  2. Deep condition my hair with plastic cap and SWURLY microfiber towel.  I am using Eden Bodyworks Deep Conditioner.
  3. Protect my hair when I sleep on SWURLY pillowcase or in a SWURLY sleep cap.
  4. LOC:  I adhere to the curly girl LOC method but I add in a gel for hold. I saw ECO styler gel on the list of products with toxic ingredients from Naturalicious and made the switch.



Products used in Braid Out:

Swurly Sleep Cap


Eden Bodyworks Peppermint Shampoo

Hello Hydration Conditioner

Eden Bodyworks Leave-in Conditioner

Jojoba Oil

Eden Bodyworks Curl Defining Cream

Carol’s Daughter’s Nectar Styling


I like the length I achieve by diffusing my hair a little bit. Consequently, I feel my ends are dryer than my roots.  Thus, I am cutting back on this method and attempting to eliminate heat.  However, as we approach winter in Wisconsin leaving the house with wet hair is not an option.  Leave hair in braids for as long as possible to air dry.  Pin the end of braids on opposite side of your head for additional stretch.My hair takes two days to fully dry.Plan accordingly.  Cover your hair at night with a SWURLY bounce back sleep cap.

If you have an event start your wash day a couple days in advance. If your hair is not fully dry, keep a wig or hair wrap handy that you can use to cover your hair while still being presentable.  Throw a decorative headband in between your braids for a goddess look.

  1. With oiled hands unbraid dry hair.Separate the braids.  Shake and Fluff, Fluff, Fluff!
  2. Pineapple every night: Pile your curls atop your hair with a silk hair tie. Crown yourself with SWURLY bounce back sleep cap.
  3. Swurl darling, you’re a Queen.