Summer is slipping away and the kids will be hopping onto that school bus in a matter of weeks.  Several school districts have already rung their first bell. Let’s talk about a simple tool I found to save on back-to-school shopping, that gives me money back for my online expenditures and recently deposited $300 straight into my PayPal account.  Yes, indeed, free money for all those items with one login!

I have so many logins for online shopping, I can’t deal. When a new retailer asks for my email address I literally cringe.  While we are fresh from our trip to Michigan, I’m already fixated on our next escape.  This application covers me on hotel savings too. Save on back to school shopping

School Agers

We will be formally done paying for pre-school and full-time childcare, moving into having multiple school-agers for the first time this fall. I went gung-ho when Giana’s first year in Elementary school.  I picked out the daintiest pencils, the spunkiest pencil box and bought two pairs of tennis shoes. Little did I know most of those items would be communal and not designated for my child and that she would outgrow both pairs of shoes midway through the year.  First time parent woes.

back to school shopping tips

I indulged Misha with a new pair of shoes, a backpack and lunchbox last year, even though she was staying at the same pre-school she had attended since those precious potty-training days.  Just to get her in the mindset and excited about the new classroom.  I know Misha is ready for Kindergarten this year, regardless of my readiness to see her take this big milestone. And there goes my last baby!

Saving on Back to School Shopping

I took Giana to Kohl’s last year and let her select her first day of school outfit, weigh in on her gym shoe selection and I listened to her preferences on a couple of other essentials.  It was the first time I’ve heard her request brand name items, Under Armor.  I had to inquire “do you want it because of the label or do you really like that style? We can get one pair of the Under Armor leggings or for the same price you could get two pairs of these, SO leggings?”

This year, I decided to side step the trip to the store with both of them in tow, begging for items that are not truly needed. Instead, I had them do a little project.  They designed a visual wish list of items by cutting and pasting them out of the Sunday paper ads and onto construction paper.  Giving them a subtle voice in their Back to School style this school year.

With the visual boards in front of me, I stretched out with my laptop, coffee and turned on GMA.  Time for some peaceful shopping. Try this link to take my relaxed approach to back to school shopping and save tons of money.  Remember the days of googling coupons from your favorite retailers?  Only to copy the code and get to check out, find out that it’s not legit?  Those days are over.

Shopping and Saving Made Easy

The way it works is that brands or retailers sign up with this third-party service.  Instead of having to search for coupon codes every time you shop online you simply install the extension onto your browser.  When you go onto a participating retailer’s website the application will even remind you to activate the discount. 

Now, I am sure they are tracking your cookies once you activated it.  Perhaps watching your spending habits and, maybe giving those analytics back to the big brands, but who cares?  The discount codes are automatically loaded into your check-out cart, applied to your purchases and the cash back is deposited into your PayPal Account.  Big brands like Athleta, Macy’s and Kohl’s. I thought there was a catch but look, I just got a big fat check.

back to school shopping tipsAdditionally, you can get money back for your travels through companies like Expedia, VRBO, Priceline, and Orbitz.  It’s a no brainer sign up. To save time on your morning routine buy the kids a SwurlyCo Children’s Adjustable Silk Sleep Cap and expedite the morning hair styling.