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Writer’s Workshop

I recently took a writer’s workshop at UW Madison to sharpen my craft.  We explored some deep topics.  Each writer was willing to be vulnerable and everyone who attended showed up every day!  My intention for the class was to improve my structure within each post.  Hoping to be more concise.  The instructor style was more of a Sherpa than a literary teacher.  She encouraged me to stretch my writing by allowing it to determine for itself its purpose, its message and go were my pen will take me.

Against my own self-defined constraints I am taking those words to heart.  I am allowing myself to charter new territory and follow my voice.  To speak my truth and bare my soul.  I feel resistance.  A bit of writer’s block has come to me but I press on.


A Letter to my daughters:  Giana and Misha

Here is a letter I wrote to my daughters, a display of why I created this space.  An idea of my intentions, words that will be here for them beyond my existence.  May they be bold, may they be fierce, may they be heard!

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Dear Giana and Misha,

I bare my soul so you can match my ambition.

I verbalize to you my love, this is my only mission.

I want you to see the beauty in all things.

Take pride in knowing the joy you bring!

You were molded, blended and created with intent.

And for that reason every step you take, I want you to leave a dent!



Mom blogger Dione Laufenberg