jacksonport wiSunrise Shores

Selling our pimped out pop-up camper brought out a mixed batch of emotions. The family that purchased it, drove from Illinois and was visibly thrilled to take it home.  Giana was definitely sad that we would no longer be a camping family, James grew up camping in state parks around Wisconsin.  I assured them both that we will continue to travel around Wisconsin with our camp crew. Instead of sleeping in the pop-up camper we will now stay at VRBO properties.  Sunrise Shores in Jacksonport, WI was our first rental for the summer over Memorial Weekend.

Full House

We rented a five-bedroom condo directly on the lake in Jacksonport, WI.  Jacksonport is off the main drag but still in the cut, you feel me?  Our group of five families included ten adults and eight kids. We had plenty of room to spread out. Three of the bedrooms offered balcony access and lake views.  Although we only had one warm summer day, having the beach and sand a stone throw away was perfect for our kid’s age group.

jacksonport wi

“Our guests and the guests from the other units of our condo complex have the access to the finest sand beach in the Door County as Jacksonport shore has one of the best sandy beaches in the area. You will be at ease watching your kids playing safely in the sand and water, from one of the two decks on our condo. Since our unit is on the second and third floor, you will enjoy one of the best views of Lake Michigan.  Although Jacksonport is frequently referred to as the quiet side of the peninsula, the town itself has a lot to offer besides the awesome sandy beach. “  VRBO owners Sanata and Cathy

VRBO Accommodations

The kitchen was well stocked with seasonings, serving bowls and snack trays.  The living room had tons of board games.  They even had a first aid kit, tools and, scissors in a junk drawer.   For the fire pit on the beach, they provided us with lawn chairs and beach toys.  Everyone enjoyed themselves.  

There was a unit below us, which was occupied. In order to reach the beach, you can use a spiral staircase.  The landing is partially on the first unit’s porch. The owners of that unit were from the Madison area (Northside) which is where I’m from along with several of my travel companions.  It felt a little intrusive to walk down the spiral stairs and step onto their patio to access the beach but they ended up being very welcoming and friendly.  The grandkids they brought with them, mirrored our little one’s age group.  The blinds and sliding doors were a little worn but the beds were comfy and the owner’s provided lots of extra linens.  

Jacksonport, WI

We lucked out because Memorial Weekend was the Maifest (a German Festival, Maifest celebrates the end of the long dark winter, and the beginning of warm weather and light. It’s a time of reawakening and joy!) in Jacksonport, WI.  The dads were in charge that day, and they walked the kid’s down for the parade.  A little water and some candy throwing was all the kids needed to have a great time.  Traveling with five families, it is no easy feat to appease to all travelers.  When in doubt ask the locals.  The owners of the VRBO were on point with their recommendations.


the ridges sanctuary

the ridges sanctuary

The Ridges Sanctuary

Friday was overcast, not cold, nor hot.  We were happy that it didn’t rain, we wanted to get the kids outside, get them grounded and let them explore. The Ridges Sanctuary was recommended by Cathy.  The perfect way to insert some nature since we ditched our camping tradition for a lake house. “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” Lao Tzu

“Founded to preserve the original 30-acre parcel, The Ridges has grown thoughtfully and strategically to ensure the protection of the most biologically diverse ecosystem in Wisconsin. Today, with the support of over 1700 members in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, and the hard work of our staff and more than 100 committed volunteers, The Ridges permanently protects over 1600 acres of the most critical lands in our community.”the ridges sanctuary

While we didn’t uncover any fascinating animals, we hiked for over an hour. We spotted cranes, pelicans and tracked the paths living in the moment.  The kids each got a fossil that was 450 million years old to treasure. There was a beautiful lighthouse and wood plank walkways leading to picturesque lookouts.  

Mom’s Day Out

blue ivy boutiqueWe planned a day on the town for the moms and it was so needed!  We sipped wine at various locations, we shopped at Blue Ivy.  This place is a must.  The moms got matching bracelets, joking that we could place them wrist to wrist and recharge each other if a momma was in need.  The Blue Ivy boutique in Fish Creek (they have a second location in Sturgeon Bay) shop with so many unique beautiful items.  My girlfriend April got a super soft leather purse.  Rebecca and I got matching t-shirts that were extremely soft and read “Living the Dream” which is exactly how we felt, relaxing in the sunny courtyard between Barringer’s restaurant and the clothing shop. Strolling around the boutique with our cocktails in hand. 

Fish Creek, Door Countyjulie's park cafe

On Sunday, we said goodbye to our group and went our separate ways.  The Laufenbergs decided to have brunch on our way out town, so we stopped at Julie’s Park Café and Motel, and tried their famous cherry crepés.  I had to return to Blue Ivy for a dress I tried on over my outfit with the ladies.  I ended up getting a gorgeous jumpsuit plus that dress.  I’ll bust that one out on our anniversary trip to Michigan.  I must say the shopping was a complete bonus! 

julie's park cafeDoor County Hit List

I could go on and on about what a great weekend we had in Door County, I know we will return there for another trip.  This is my hit list of must see and must do from our trip:

  1.  Sunrise Sunset VRBO
  2.  Blue Ivy Boutique
  3.  The Ridges Sancturary
  4. Julie’s Café
  5. Alibi Dock Marina