Five reasons to make the switch:

How long is your beauty routine from the shower to ready?  For most of us ladies when we wash and condition our hair that is only the first step in our grooming regimen.  After we shower, we still need to apply our deodorant, our facial creams, dress in our clothes and add whatever make-up we please.  If you’re a mama like me, we have limited time in the morning to get ourselves ready.  If the day involves the entire family, we tend to find creative ways to condense our own routine.  We must be able to execute it while simultaneously shouting orders to the rest of our family to ensure they are set in time for us to leave. 

Carrying on with the next steps in our beauty routine, while water droplets from our clean hair are dripping down our backs or even worst in our face, is just plain obnoxious.  Once we’ve done the work to find the best combination of shampoo and conditioner for our hair, we want those products to work towards our hair goals.  We may aim to add length, we may need more strength or strive for shine in our hair.  

We invest our money and time to quench our strands and using a microfiber towel will aid in that.  Therefore, it makes zero sense to come out of the shower, grab an oversized bath towel and slop it on our head.  Bath towels are made to go around the torso.  They are heavy and disproportionate and thus pull on our hair.  Bath towels are typically made of cotton, the same material we use to clean up spills.  Do you really want a cotton towel to soak up the potions you just put in?
Microfiber Hair Towel

Microfiber Towels to Microfiber Turbans as beauty tools

Microfiber towels are great beauty tools to gently and conveniently dry hair without damaging the cuticle.  They are both absorbent and super soft to the touch.  They can be particularly beneficial for textured hair because these textures struggle to lock moisture in.  

According to SFGate’s  “A microfiber towel is a type of towel made with fine, synthetic fibers. These towels are a bit newer (but not brand new) to the beauty scene but have been used for car waxing for years. Microfiber towels work excellently for hair for a number of reasons. They can help you cut down on laundry, since you can reuse them, and they’re less bulky in the wash than a standard cotton towel.” 

The microfiber towels help spread the wax onto the car without absorbing it into the towel’s fibers.  They leave the exterior paint sparkling, dry, and streak-free clean.  Moreover, they are guaranteed not to scratch or damage the car’s finish.   At some point, someone thought these towels may work well on a hair cuticle as well, genius. 

Microfiber hair wraps eliminate the annoying hair drip.

We love the convenience of wrapping our hair in Swurlyco micro towels for hair while we get on with the rest of our getting dressed and getting ready process.  There is no need to twist, squeeze hair vigorously to dry it.  We simply flip our saturated hair upside down and wrap it in our Swurlyco Microfiber towel.  

Think of a gel or dip for your nails, it’s completely dry when you leave the hair salon you don’t worry about smudging it.  These towels allow you to immediately move around.  Put your foundation on if you dare, it won’t let a droplet escape from your hair.

Microfiber hair towels help dry hair quickly.

Microfiber towels are made with densely packed fibers giving them a luxurious and smooth texture.  They are usually composed of a polyester/polyamide blend.  When ratios are listed, they display the percentage of each fiber used to weave the towel.  The microfilament has a porous structure, which absorbs water strongly and absorbs it quickly when it meets water. 

Microfiber Hair Wrap  

Microfiber towel wraps are custom fit, no damaging your strands.

Microfiber towel wraps like the turbans we sell in our Swurlyco silk shop will not add extra weight and pressure as they pull away from your scalp.  They have an elastic band on the perimeter of the towel that is cinched.  Once hair is placed in the pocket you twist and button to secure them, they automatically are sized to fit any adult or child’s head.  Wearing the button in the front or back is a personal preference see our chart on how to wear a microfiber hair towel.

There is no excess material left hanging from the turbans and thus no pulling or pressure on hair strands.  My daughters have been using our brand’s towels since they were four years old, one size truly fits all.  They have retained moisture and gained length.  “Big bath towels rubbed on wet hair can damage hair cuticles, cause frizz and tangles” according to SFGate’s.

Microfiber hair towel from Swurlyco

Microfiber towels for hair do not disrupt the curl pattern or leave hair frizzy.

We discovered microfiber towels for curls back when I was on a mission to perfect my wash and go technique.  With no need to rub the hair dry or reposition a bulky towel we noticed right away the difference in our curly girl process.  The curls freeze in place leaving them in those perfectly clumped patterns as if they were completely air-dried without anyone touching them.

In naturally curly’s post “Get the Most Out of Your Microfiber Towel” they list these additional benefits for natural beauties:

  • Prevent roots from drying flat due to being weighed down from moisture in the hair as it dries.
  • Help with the clumping process.
  • Cut down on diffusing times.
  • Provide you with better curl definition.

Microfiber Hair Wrap
Microfiber towels work great with deep conditioners and hair treatments.

These towels generate heat when placed over plastic caps.  They are ideal for deep conditioning or applying a hair mask because they drive the product in, and the towel insulates the cap. I remember back in the day when my mom took me to JCPenney salon and we sat under the hood dryer at the salon for a conditioning treatment that took 45 minutes. This is the same concept but you don’t have to sit with a burning ear.  You can buy 100 plastic caps off amazon for about $8.  Plus, you can maximize your time.  Go ahead and answer emails, start dinner or paint your toenails while your hair treatment sets in.

Thank you for reading.  I’m a Midwest Mama with a passion for pen and paper.  I love sharing my insights, hair tips, and experience in a multiracial family.  If you need help with managing your biracial beauties curls, we have a wealth of knowledge and style ideas on these pages.  If you find our tips to be beneficial, we hope you’ll shop our brand Swurlyco.