They say that with crisis comes evolution, and I hope that they are right.  That we all take this opportunity to open up our minds.  

Maybe this time, we can get it right.  

Perhaps what we need is more depth when we are talking?  Perhaps what we need is a slower pace of existing and a stronger emphasis on authenticity?  It’s happening for me.  In our house, we’ve spent more time talking, shutting out the noise and listening to each other’s needs.  I’m ready to get back to writing and I’ll start with our original theme of taking care of these little ladies and their curly hair needs. 

Hairstyling for girls preteen

This summer is unfolding differently.  Neither of my kids are enrolled in summer camp, there is no softball season or formal swimming.  They are occupying their own time, playing for hours outside like we did as kids.  Easily uncovering  creative ways to make new messes and when it comes to their hairstyles/wardrobe, my opinion couldn’t matter any less.  

Just as I’ve lost control of all summer activities,  I’ve also lost control of their hairstyling. One technique that remains consistent is protective styling. I know it can be challenging to come up with new braided styles to put your child’s hair in.

Both of my daughters (ages 6 and 9) are starting to show and state their own hair preferences.  They are no longer interested in some of the go-to styles that we did in the past.  They are swimming, biking, and rough on their tresses, so I’ll share how we are adjusting our haircare in our next post and when it’s up I will link it here.

32 Girl’s Protective Hairstyles

Let’s take a look back at how their protective styling preferences have evolved over the years and unlock the catalog of Laufty Life hairstyles.

Toddler and Up:

Easy Bun

Classic Pigtails

Ponytail Braids

Tiny Bump

Bantu Knots

33 Protective Styles for textured hair kids: Bantu Knots

Jumbo Box Braids

Jumbo Box Braids on Kid’s with naturally curly hair

Preschooler Styles & Up;

Braided Bang


Quad Braids

Split Piggies

Split quad braids, banded halo and tai-sectioned braids

School Ager & Up;

French Braids

Top Knot Bun 

Fullest or Headband Cornrows

Banded Hawk

Box Braids

Natural Hair Blow Out

Natural Hair Blow Out

Follow our Pinterest Board for the full catalog of hairstyles for girls toddler up to preteens. You can also find them cataloged in this video collage. If you love our styles and hair care tips support our brand of silk haircare. Our adjustable kid’s sleep cap will make whatever protective style you create last longer and at the same time lock moisture in. Our silk scarf will protect their edges and our best selling microfiber towels make daunting wash days a thing of the past.